I Need Help Now!

If you have hurt yourself, think you might, or are in urgent need of attention do not hesitate to seek help!

If you have hurt yourself, taken an overdose, or have thoughts of ending your life do not hesitate to go to A&E or call 999. You will be treated with the respect you deserve, kindness and empathy. A&E exists to treat you in emergencies such as this and will treat you without judgement and total confidence. If you have taken an overdose or ingested poisons, you should go even if you don’t feel unwell as the effects of an overdose can be delayed by hours or days, but can be fatal.
Sheffield’s adult A&E services are located at the Northern General Hospital, S5 7AU.

University Health or Your GP
You can get an on the day appointment by calling UHS, using the app or using the online patient access every day at 8.45am. You can also visit them in person (at any time of day) and they WILL make time for you in an emergency. Do not be afraid to tell the receptionist you are in need of urgent care, they too will treat you in confidence and with respect.
Tel. 0114 222 2100

The Samaritans
If you are in need of a listening ear, Samaritans operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are one of the UKs leading confidential listening services and their trained professionals will listen with compassion at any time of day.
Tel. 08457 909090

Nightline is a student-run listening service operating 8pm-8am everynight during term time.
Tel. 0114 222 8787

Your Medsoc Welfare Team
Francesca and I check our emails on a daily basis. We are always on hand to guide you to appropriate services or even just listen, and will treat your concerns in confidence. Email us at: welfare@medsoc.net
We will be on hand at Medsoc socials, and invite you to approach us without hesitation.


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